Focused on Substance Abuse and Immediate Help

When an overdose occurs

First responders typically use naloxone (Narcan), a drug with life-saving capabilities that counters and reverses the effects of an overdose.  Despite the fact that another life has been saved, those suffering from a substance use disorder (SUD) are often still trapped in the cycle of repeated drug use.  On another front, when an arrest occurs, and the individual is suffering from a SUD, they can be caught in a repeated cycle of arrest and incarceration, with the end result often being a return to active use.

Opioid Overdose Epidemic

Program Addresses The Growing Opioid Overdose Epidemic

To address this, Lifeline Recovery Support Services has gathered our best and most proven team to battle this crisis head on.  We have shown prodigious results in Ocean and Monmouth County, and are expanding our services to reach individuals in crisis all over the state. This program is the first of its kind in the nation. We take those in crisis, and those suffering from a substance use disorder, and link them to a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist that can help with facilitation into treatment, and provide recovery support.

Team Approach

Lifeline Recovery Support Services Trained & Certified Peer Recovery Specialists

Our Recovery Specialists are certified through the Addiction Professionals Certification Board, and will be deployed to area hospitals, police stations, or within the community upon notification of a Narcan reversal, arrest, or general need for recovery support. Our recovery specialists work with and track our clients through the continuum of care – from the initial crisis event into long-term recovery.  Recovery specialists are uniquely qualified individuals, as they are in their own process of recovery from substance use disorder, and understand first-hand about addiction and the recovery process.



Law Enforcement Support/Police Diversion
Upon arrest, an individual is vetted as a candidate for drug treatment in lieu of incarceration.  A Certified Peer Recovery Specialist is deployed to the police station to perform an intervention, and referral into treatment occurs.  Reduced charges or a suspended sentence is then offered after completion of a treatment plan.
Hospital Program
Our Recovery Specialists respond when a call comes in from EMS or Emergency Department Staff after an overdose occurs and an individual is treated in the ER.  At bedside, a Peer Specialist uses shared experience to perform an intervention, with the goal of facilitating that person into treatment.  The peer provides ongoing mentoring and support throughout the treatment process into recovery, and the individual is tracked for outcomes.
Recovery Center/Aftercare
Lifeline Recovery Support Services has a Recovery Center located in Toms River, NJ.  At the Recovery Center, our trained & certified peers are available to provide support, mentoring, and advocacy services, as well as coordinate inpatient care.  Our Peers continue to guide and mentor our clients well into their individual recovery processes.  Licensed clinicians are available to provide additional aftercare support on an outpatient basis, either at the recovery center or at their local offices.