Certified Peer Recovery Specialists are on-call 24/7 to deploy in response to individuals or agencies needing intervention and recovery support services.

Peer Recovery

Peer Recovery is founded on the premise of shared experience.  Individuals with lived experience in their own recovery from addiction, participate in training that allows them to provide peer support services – advocating, mentoring, educating, and navigating systems – to others afflicted with the same substance abuse and/or mental health disorders, in order to help facilitate recovery from addiction.


Utilizing our Toll-Free number, we have Certified Peer Recovery Specialists on-call 24/7 to deploy in response to individuals or agencies needing intervention and recovery support services.  We are able to track clients through the entire treatment process and provide data on outcomes.


Our Peer Recovery Specialists are certified through the Addiction Professionals Certification Board, in compliance with the International Credentialing and Reciprocity Consortium (IC&RC), and undergo:

  • 46 hours of training in four domains including
    • Advocacy (10 hours)
    • Mentoring and Education (10 hours)
    • Recovery/Wellness Support
    • Ethical Responsibility (16 hours)
  • 500 hours of Peer Recovery work or Volunteer Experience
  • 25 hours of Supervision specific to Peer Recovery
  • Signed Code of Ethics
  • IC&RC examination (for IC&RC National reciprocity)
  • 18 hours of continuing education every two years

Examples of Training Topics:

Self-Care, Cultural Competency, Building Recovery Capital, SMART goal settings, Stages of Change and Motivational Interviewing, Crisis Prevention and Support, Providing Peer Recovery Support

Peer Recovery Programs


Heroin Assistance Recovery Program (HARP)

Addicted individuals are currently able to turn themselves into 2 Ocean County Police Departments, Manchester and Brick Township, if they are looking for drug treatment.  Our agency deploys a Peer Recovery Specialist to the police station for support and intervention services, as well as referral into treatment.  The Recovery Specialists follow the individual through treatment into aftercare, and continues to guide and mentor them during their recovery.  The individual is tracked for outcomes throughout the entire process.

Law Enforcement Support/Police Diversion
Upon arrest, an individual is vetted as a candidate for drug treatment in lieu of incarceration.  A Certified Peer Recovery Specialist is deployed to the police station to perform an intervention, and referral into treatment occurs.  Reduced charges or a suspended sentence is then offered after completion of a treatment plan.
Hospital Program
Our Recovery Specialists respond when a call comes in from EMS or Emergency Department Staff after an overdose occurs and an individual is treated in the ER.  At bedside, a Peer Specialist uses shared experience to perform an intervention, with the goal of facilitating that person into treatment.  The peer provides ongoing mentoring and support throughout the treatment process into recovery, and the individual is tracked for outcomes.